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APRIL 7, 2010

The detailed “Facilitator’s Report” is located at:

Next Meeting of the Commission:
June 7, 8 & 9, 2010, Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando, Florida

Major Business and Actions
The Commission reviewed the 2010 Florida Building Code development and adoption plan and was advised 900 proposed code modifications were submitted and will be considered by the TACs at the Commission’s August meeting. A rule development workshop was conducted on Rule 9B-72, Education. Routine business was conducted as follows.

Workplan:  See the “Facilitator’s Report”

Product Approvals:  See the “Facilitator’s Report”

Accessibility Code Waivers:  See the “Facilitator’s Report” for waiver analysis.

1.   Pine Creek Sporting Club
Issue: Vertical accessibility to the upper levels of a tree house structure.

Action: Deferred at the request of the applicant.
2.   The Pink House
Issue: Vertical accessibility to the second floor and insufficient door width.

Action: Dismissed due to lack of jurisdiction.

3.   Xixon Café Restaurant
Issue: Vertical accessibility to raised and sunken dining areas in a restaurant.

Action: Deny for lack of sufficient information.

4.   K-8 School EE
Issue: Vertical accessibility to all rows of seats in an auditorium and teaching theater.

Action: Grant, based on technical infeasibility.

5.   Hernando High School EEE
Issue: Vertical accessibility to all rows of seating in a retractable bleacher system and bleachers at football, baseball and softball fields.

Action: Grant, provided revised drawing is submitted to reflect required companion seats at the football stadium; grant for baseball field provided revised drawings are submitted reflecting the required additional accessible seating location and companion seat; and, grant for the gymnasium, provided revised drawing is submitted to reflect required companion seats.

6.   City of Miami College of Policing
Issue: Vertical accessibility to all rows of seats in a stadium style auditorium.

Action: Grant.

7.   Ruby Diamond Auditorium Renovation and Expansion
Issue: Vertical accessibility to all rows of seats in a tiered auditorium and the upper level parterres.

Action: Grant as unnecessary.

8.   FIU PG5 Classroom
Issue: Vertical accessibility to all rows of seats in two tiered classrooms.

Action: Grant, as technically infeasible.

9.   USF Baseball/Softball Complex
Issue: Vertical accessibility to all rows of a spectator stadium.
Action: Grant, as unnecessary.

10. Clearwater Beach Life Guard Station.
Issue: Vertical accessibility to the second and third floors of a life guard station.

Action: Deny, and direct that toilet facilities on second floor are accessible.

11. Ivy Hill Academy
Issue: Vertical accessibility to the second floor of a day care center.

Action: Grant, as unnecessary.

12. Waldorf Towers Hotel
Issue: Providing an accessible route to t a public entrance.

Action: Grant, provided documentation of the historic character of the building is submitted.

13. The Woods Laser Tag
Issue: Vertical accessibility to a mezzanine in a laser tag facility.

Action: Grant, based on extreme hardship.

14. Epic Theaters Deltona
Issue: Vertical accessibility to all rows of seats in a movie theater complex.

Action: Grant, as technically infeasible.

15. USF Interdisciplinary Science Facility
Issue: Vertical accessibility to all rows of seats in tiered classrooms.

Action: Grant, as unnecessary.

16. Clear Track Productions
Issue: Providing accessible high/low water fountain in a recording studio

Action: Deny for lack of jurisdiction.

17. Phillard Apartment Hotel
Issue: Interior dimensions of an existing elevator.

Action: Grant for vertical accessibility, as technically infeasible and historic.

Declaratory Statements/Interpretations:
See the “Facilitator’s Report” and the Commission and TAC/POC meeting Agendas online for additional information:

Second Hearings – Final

DCA09-DEC-259 by Robert S. Fine Counsel for Malibu Lodging Investments, LLC. –
Q: Does attachment of lightweight mural materials to existing building facades require a permit.
Action: Defer

DCA09-DEC-351 by Joseph Belcher, Code Consultant –
Q:    Does standard NFPA 72 or AMMA 2100, (both adopted by the FBC), govern electrical receptacles in
Answer: AMMA 2100
Action: Approved

DCA09-DEC-375 by Tim Johnson of SnappBatt
Q1: Does the product in question fall out side the scope of Rule 9B-72?
Answer: Yes.
Action: Approved

Q2: Are there requirements for product approval as related to the use of the product.
Answer: Yes.
Action: Approved

DCA09-DEC-419 by Kenneth Gregory of Holland Pools
Q1:  Does the FBC require panic hardware on gates for outdoor public swimming pools?
Answer: Yes
Action: Approved

Q2:  Does the FBC require sanitary facilities for public swimming pools in addition to those
required by DOH rule 64E-9 “Table 403.8 of the FBC, Plumbing”?
Answer: No
Action: Approved

Q3:  Regarding necessity of providing sanitary facilities required for club house and pool area to
at one location.
Answer: No.
Action: Approved

First Hearings

DCA09-DEC-411 by Manny Sanchez of Fenestration Testing Laboratory, Inc.
Q1:  When test “TAS 202” is used, is a window manufacturer required to test three samples in
size, configuration and glazing?
Answer: Yes
Action: Approved

DCA10-DEC-002 by Derrek Runion of GreenBuilt, Inc.
Q:    Is a pre-engineered system that is constructed to specific construction documents
“custom/one of a kind” and designed in accordance with specification standards referenced
in the FBC, outside the scope of the optional Rule 9B-72, Florida Product Approval?
Answer: Yes, providing the system is approved locally through building plans review and
inspection and manufactured under quality assurance procedures as specified in the code.
Action: Approved

DCA10-DEC-034 by C.W. (Ben) Bentley
Q: Is it the intent of 2007 Florida Building Code [Residential] to allow installation of a PRV
[pressure relief] valve in the “solar loop” portion of an active direct solar water heating system?”,
Answer: Yes, as long as the installation is in accordance with the system’s listing/certification and
the manufacturer’s installation instructions and there is a temperature and pressure valve
provided at the storage tank to protect the system.
Action: Approved

DCA10-DEC-038 by Ray Habic of Gillette Generators
Q:    Are generator housings subject to the minimum requirements of the Code?
Answer: Defer for additional information
Action: Deferred
DCA10-DEC-045 by George Merlin of George Merlin Associates, Inc.
Action: Withdrawn
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